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We are urdumpstaff which is composed of several people who have been drawn together; people drawn together to develop this site. We share a sincere interest in people, and in how people deal with their emotions. We are not psychologists and we are not part of any organization or group. As individuals, we have each explored our emotional lives. We would like to share what we have discovered with you.

urdumpsite is a light, fun way for YOU, the dumper, to become more aware of your feelings and thereby manage them instead of allowing them to manage you! We are Easy, Private, Free and Powerful in a Good Way! So, dumpit in urdumpsite!

urdumpsite creators: urprogrammers extraordinaire, urvideo genius producer simonshanke,
sound by
urdumpstaff-we care: marilyn, cassandra, robert,
tycho, adele, scott, susan, ariel, sammy and other trusted advisors
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