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For the most thorough experience, please read the step by step How To Info.

How to Info:

  • Start by clicking the dump word play videos icon. This takes you to the Dump Word Play page. On this page, go over the instructions and suggestions on the purple bar above the dump writing area. Then, begin your dump, title it and save it.
  • Follow the directions to play Word Play (purple bar). Enjoy! Please don't forget to watch the visualization videos provided. They are short and may be helpful.
  • Next click on the Re-gift Icon and treat yourself to the three gifts and the video about them.
  • Then, click the Icon Read Dumps. This is where you can go to read what others have opted to share with you. You can find them by choosing a specific category, then clicking on a title. This is our on-line anonymous support group.
  • Now it is decision time. Decide if you would like to Share your experience and feelings with others anonymously. No pressure. Your dumps will always be private unless you yourself share them (see Privacy Policy). To Share, click on the red heart icon on the left with Share Option on it. Before you share, please delete or edit any information in your dumps that is pertinent to you so what you share will be anonymous. In other words, change places, times, names, etc. so that no one who reads it will know that it is yours. After you Save and Share, please choose a category or categories particular to your dump.
  • Sharing your dumps in these categories can help others who read them know that they are not alone in their problems. They may gain insight from what you write.
  • Now click the Ponder Icon and enjoy pondering and perhaps even dumping about the ponders. Urdumpstaff is always searching for more things to ponder. If you have a ponder for us, please submit them in our contact us section. Thanks!
  • Lastly, our Help section provides phone numbers of HELP HOTLINES. If you need any help, please call the hotline that corresponds with your need. Please do not hesitate to do this. urdumpstaff – we care


Remember that you create your experience. We hope you choose an insightful one and come back often for further exploration. *The more you explore your feelings, the better you become at managing them.

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